Label Name: Gameface Entertainment

Music Influences: Nas

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San Antonio, TX

Core is a 20 year old MC out of San Antonio, TX. He dropped his first independent release "Life Lines" March 19, 2004. Life Lines is an indepth look into a mind of a man struggling to defy the odds and conquer his inner demons one word at a time. With such lyrics as "if you don't like me, that's fine/ cuz i don't like me at times" off the piano driven "Tears from my Eyes" and "no one can ever change the past, what happenned/ happiness was nowhere, sadness/ had me acting out the actions/ madness was the aftermath/ it brought me to realize/ that after all these years of dried up tears a man can still cry" from the dramatically crafted title track "Life Lines", It's no wonder why the listener is able to feel a certain connection with Core. He wears his heart on his sleeve while at the same time challenging EVERYONE to be themselves.

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