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Crunk Family

Vicksburg, MS

Crunk Family was started by Alvin Coleman a.k.a 2Crunk born in Vicksburg, MS. The group has performed shows for a number of events throughout Mississippi. The music type is hip hop/dance and also crunk club music. 2Crunk has also done skits for the local radio station 99.7 WJMI in Jackson, MS which play throughout Mississippi. Alvin makes his own beats and writes his lyrics for the songs he produces. He also writes lyrics and makes beats for other local artists in the community. The Group Crunk Family does a lot of work with local artists to bring entertainment to the community. 2Crunk plans for the Crunk Family is to get a record deal so that he could provide his music to others in the world. When the group performs at shows the crowd gets everything from dancers to short skits to keep the audience entertained and coming back for more in future shows.

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