Label Name: Triplebeam Entertainment

Music Influences: 50 Cent, Jay-Z, Eminem, Ludacris, etc.

Music Samples: Visit DL on MySpace

Website: www.TripleBeamEnt


Queens, NY

The CD that took a Lifetime to make (Literally)

“This is the CD for the streets man!!!” – DJ Absolute (Hot97NY)

“DL for President…all you rappers got to get your bars up!” – DJ Truly ODd(Power106 LA)

“Notice Me the album…ya gotta copped that. Queens Stand Up!”(Big Smooth Hot 102.1VA)

“Its no secret that this star is on the rise. He is focused and knows what he has to do to be on top. We can expect big things from him”. (Tamala Baines – Rap Fanatic Magazine)

“Only the strong survive” is a phrase often used by many but can only be attributed to a few. DL is one of the few.

Born and raised in Queens, New York, it wasn’t long before DL was introduced to the struggle of the street game. Initially he found false salvation in the streets, but the hustle, run ins with the law and the loss of close friends was taking a toll on this seasoned hustler.

Believing that “only strength can carry you through” was his mantra that led him out of harms way and into what was in his heart all along, music. Growing up he listened to LL Cool J and Run DMC and the hip hop movement began to influence this then young, impressionable youth, as an artist. While time progressed, DL honed in on his craft and began his evolution into and MC that was soon to be “reckoned with”.

"The biggest difference is that my music is the soundtrack to my life". "It gives a play by play commentary on how I’m living at the present state of when the songs were written". “While feds were house hoppin”/ “I was house shoppin” or “99% of rappers aint saying nothing”/”got great poker faces they good at bluffin”/”telling lies properganderize a life you never lived but left my brother paralyzed” That is all factual hit home stuff. The streets will accept that from me because those who really live it and can relate know who and what is real. They will respect that. Those who can't relate are fascinated and intrigued by the imageries depicted through my art which happens to be my life.

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