Label Name: On Da Grind Ent

Music Influences: Lil Jon, Ludacris, TI, UGK, Pastor Troy, Young Buck, Young Jeezy,Lil Boosie, 8 Ball & MJG.

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Geeta Boyz

Ft Worth, TX

The south is best known for its deeply rooted music, associated with gospel, country, and rhythm and blues. Bit one of its most profound talents has to be in the Geeta Boyz. A phonemel rap group based out of Fort Worth Texas. The group members consist of Mr. Tip, J-Loc and Punch Dawg, who have been in the music industry a total of nine years. All members were born and raised in Texas. With the exception of Punch Dawg, who moved to Texas from South Carolina in his early teens. Their goal is to introduce the world to their unique style of music. And put their city, Fort Worth Texas on the map! In 1993 they put together an independent album, which sold a surprisingly 8,000 copies, with no airplay or major promotions. Always keeping their ears to the streets the Geeta Boyz, keep the crowds mesmerized with their dynamic stage shows and diversifying lyrics. “We had a lot of music influences growing up? We were caught in the gangsta rap era. Tupac, Geto Boys, Spice 1, NWA, Master P and Scarface, just to name a few. We pay much respect to all the rappers, before us who paved the way.” “What made us decide to make music? We were all caught up in some illegal matters here and there. Where were from there’s only two options Death or Jail. And we wanted more outta life. And it was pleasing to do something that we all loved to do. And plus we felt as though we owed it to our families as well as ourselves to do something positive.” “What makes our album so real, so raw and so reflective of who we are?” says the confident Geeta Boyz, is that everything we rap about on it is based upon reality. We speak about things in the hood we’ve either seen or done. Kim McGraw and the entire Nu South Records family were going to be major players in the industry,” Geeta Boyz confidently predicts. “All it takes is dedication and hard work!” And subsequent hits from their stellar new album will surely add to the notoriety and success that the Geeta Boyz hope to accomplish. “We feel the time is right, because the Southern Rap Movement is so strong right now. We respect all southern artists. The market is really expanding right now. We got a lot of heavy hitters in the game. Lil Jon, Ludacris, TI, UGK, Pastor Troy, Young Buck, Young Jeezy,Lil Boosie, 8 Ball & MJG.

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