Label Name: 4LB Records

Music Influences: Will Smith, Chris Brown, Usher, Tupac, Boyz II Men

Music Sample: "I Wanna Be Your Boyfriend"


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Columbus, OH

There is a fine line between the Underground and Mainstream, a line where music can be both positive and commercial, where Rap is blended with R&B and Soul and isn't limited by demographics or parental advisory stickers. Yes, there is a fine line............

And he goes by the name of "Gyfted"

Notable Performances:
4/30/06 - Ohio State University (Columbus, OH)
4/3/06 - Marshall University (Huntington, WV)
3/25/06 - Peabody's (Cleveland, OH)
2/18/06 - Ashland Community College (Ashland, KY)
2/8/06 - Ohio State University (Mansfield, OH)
1/28/06 - Kenyon College (Gambier, OH)
12/31/05 - Arena District Rockin' Eve (Columbus, OH)
7/2/05 - Gallery Hop (Columbus, OH)
6/13/05 - Underground Hype, Hip-hop Competition (Chicago, IL)

"Gift of God." That is the phrase you would discover if you interpreted the name, "Matthew", into Hebrew. Perhaps, there really is a connection between a person and the interpretation of his/her name. The fans of Matt Johnson, aka "Gyfted", certainly think so.

Hailing from Columbus, Ohio, a city known more for it's powerhouse college football than it's urban music scene, Gyfted has made a name for himself and has proven time and time again that he deserves the alias he carries. Much like his role model and main source of inspiration, Will Smith, he has found uniqueness in an industry that celebrates conformity by holding a mentality that rap music can be both positive and appealing. By blending inspirational lyrics, smooth vocal delivery, and club banger beats, Gyfted is able to maintain commercial appeal without sacrificing or compromising morality. He steers away from the female degradation and negative images so often portrayed in today's mainstream hip-hop with the goal to create music that gives hope and encouragement to the lives of young people.

With the recent release of his debut CD, "Best Kept Secret" (October 2005), Gyfted is a secret no longer. He has performed in various cities throughout the U.S. playing festivals, schools, and community events. Backed by a group of hip-hop dancers, Gyfted's performance is an exciting mix of R&B influenced hip-hop music representing a career built on love, driven by faith, and immersed in soul. He says, "With all the negativity in hip-hop nowadays, I just want to be a positive role-model. I encourage my fans to reach for their dreams and just bring a message of morality, things like treating your lady like the angel she is. It's not about selling cd's, it's about touching souls. That's what music is supposed to be about. At the end of the day, I want people to remember me as someone who made a difference."

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