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It?s lunchtime at Fort Lauderdale?s Coconut Creek High School. The hallways fill with teenagers eagerly racing toward the lunchroom?s center stage for a ringside seat at the day?s lunchtime face off between two of the school?s biggest rivals vying for the title of MC Champ. The first to take the stage is Neil "Jesto" Mathis II. And so begins his story.

From lunchtime battles at Coconut Creek High to JamTam Entertainment's recording studios, Jesto has come a long way. He joined JamTam Entertainment in 2001 as a member of the Faculty, the first group to sign with the independent record label. The group's first album sold 35,000 copies.

Jesto, determined to reach his simple goal to be considered a professional artist and successful songwriter and producer, pressed forward as a songwriter, arranger and producer. His drive to succeed led him on a path to work with the likes of Macio, Father MC and Bone Crusher. Through his continued pursuits in the JamTam Entertainment studios, Jesto produced and arranged tracks for JamTam artist, Thugg and Grand Larceny, the latest to join the JamTam family.

With more than a decade in the industry as an MC and producer, Jesto has decided to take his career to the next level as a solo artist. He is currently writing and producing tracks for his first solo project. Album title and release date are pending. Jesto plans to release a new mix CD in early 2006.

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