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Music Influences: 2Pac, Jay-Z, NWA, Too Short, E-40, Scarface, Wu-Tang

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Melo Kan

Rialto, CA

In 2005, we saw Dr. Dre’s protégé, The Game, re-open the doors for West Coast hip hop. With mixed reviews from critics and hip hop fans everywhere, it has become apparent that there is more talent waiting to be exposed from the seemingly dormant west coast rap scene. One of the forerunners for the “New West” is Melo Kán. Born and raised in Southern California back and forth over the streets of Rialto, Compton, and South Central La, Melo began his rap grind for real in 2001.

From 2001 to 2004, Melo has released two full length LP’s, Bring Da Bluez and The Kantradikshon, as well as a mixtape titled Blokk Movement. Receiving great reviews in “True Magazine” and from the streets alike, Melo promised to return in 2005 with a relentless determination. It seems he has held his word. He opened 2005 with the mixtape to follow up Blokk Movement titled Blokk Movement II: The Streetquel. Since the release of The Streetquel, Melo has performed everywhere from premiere locations such as the Larchmont in Hollywood, to opening up for Mike Jones in Costa Mesa’s the Shark Club. He then went on to win the “Step to the Mic” competition in which he was pitted against top acts all over the Southern California region. Blazing the streets with continuous hits, it wasn’t a surprise to anyone that radio soon caught wind of the West Coast phenom and the Inland Empire’s own Wild 96 soon aired his single from The Streetquel titled “My Hood”, which features an up an coming crooner by the name of T~Tru.

Mid 2005 Melo decided to revamp The Streetquel and released The Streetquel 2.1 with eight new tracks guaranteed to satisfy the ears of the streets as well as the clubs. Around the same time he also leaked what he titles The Appetizer, which is a 12 song mixtape that undoubtedly holds to its name. The depth of The Appetizer leaves one wondering if it is even possible to follow. Melo is currently putting the finishing touches on his 3rd album tentatively titled E. Pluribus Unum, which is Latin for “out of many, there is one”. With his clever lyricism, thought provoking rhymes, and a flow reminiscent of a young 2pac meets Jay-Z, Melo is definitely what hip hop has been missing, a complete artist.

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