Label Name: Put Em Under Records
Musical Influences: tupac,dr.dre,ice cube,biggie,jada kiss,master p
Music Samples

M.O.B. Entertainment

St. Petersburg, FL

Whatz up this is B.T., aka Loose Cannon, with my right hand man Joc, aka Hot Spitter, who can rip any beat. Right now he's locked up but we still holdin it down 4 ya man. Keep your head up. My brother, aka bear, the Scarface of the group, Mike, with the laid back Jamaican flow, and Soulful Joe our r&b artist. Yeah we representin from St.Pete,FL to Cinn, OH. Look for our squad album "Retaliation ", "The Takeover: Vol.1" and "Another Day, Another Dollar". Soulful joe with "Nothing to Lose and Everything to Gain" and our real album "When the Cold War Got Hot Vol.1"

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