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Mr. Dodd aka G-Smoove

Las Vegas, NV

Mr. Dodd aka G-Smoove is the President and Executive Producer of the independent rap label And What (&?) Records based in Las Vegas, NV. The label was established in 2004 when Mr. Dodd aka G-Smoove saw that so many talented but unsigned, independent artists, like himself, could not get the recognition they deserved if they weren't associated or affiliated with a major label. So in early 2004, Mr. Dodd aka G-Smoove released the first album, 'Seven', which chronicles his life journey from Arizona to Las Vegas. Having been raised in Pasadena, CA and attending school in Arizona, Mr. Dodd aka G-Smoove hit the streetz of the tri-state area with 'Seven' and started an underground buzz.

While that buzz was fresh, Mr. Dodd organized his Grizzy Committee, made up of Rab Deuce the Supa Producer and Knawtii the Knotty Dread, and, along with other hot indie artists from the tri-state area, hit the lab and released the 2005 compilation album, 'Grizzy Bodyz: Life Trackz Vol. I'.

With both 'Seven' and 'Grizzy Bodyz: Life Trackz Vol. I' blowin' up the underground rap scene in Sin City and hot performances at local venues such as Club 702 (formerly Club SRO), Pounder's and Club Pleasures, Mr. Dodd aka G-Smoove decided to take this real life music movement national. In February 2006, And What (&?) Records went on an East Coast mini-promotional tour that included hotspots such as Miami, Baltimore, Philly, Atlantic City, and New York and, immediately after returning to Vegas, shot the label's first video (including behind the scenes footage from the video shoot) for 'Bid In' the first single off the upcoming album Da Gangsta (&?) Da Gogeta - the Rab and Smoove project.

Alwayz on the grind in this rap game you can find out more about And What (&?) Records at and listen to more bangin' tracks at and www.whosnextonline/Artist.aspx?ID=5662 - the HOT 97 underground hip-hop site. You can also look for future And What (&?) Records projects such as the release of the 'Bid In' video DVD, the 'I Mean That I Mean' album, a Vol.II mixtape titled 'Mo Bidness 2 Get', and more HOT PERFORMANCES in Vegas and a city near you!!

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