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Pretty Tony

San Antonio, TX

I will be as concise as I can on a topic like this. I have been expressing muzik since I was 9 years old in choir at church and then in school as a well. It’s like I have always had an affinity to music, something that could not be controlled, I have also loved computers since I was twelve. Between age 7 and sixteen I was between homes and relatives, a couple of years here and there. I got into trouble @ seventeen and then again @ 20. I was tied up with the remnants of that situation until 2001 when I met this female at the strip club that looked out and got me off of paper. Since then I’ve been on my grind trying to stay alive healthy and free, not an easy task under the given circumstances. Maaan! My life is a movie. Anyway, I had to teach myself some graphic skills if I wanted a website or any kind of work done. No two people see life the same, and my music is my life its what I was created to do, so it’s a real challenge for me to allow someone in my bed like that, can you dig it? You see far too many have and continue to enter the game for fame and fortune and not for the genuine love of music because it’s not in them like that. The title of my first work “this one” is “I’m A Slave To My Gift” because I didn’t know that I was supposed to be doing what has been in me and what is natural to me for a living, and now that I know, im diving in head first and I need to encounter someone of sound character to manage some of my affairs so I can focus on my skill and create. “ITS MY ROLE AS A HUMAN, MY PURPOSE” And I know this much for a fact, im good enough to make a living, and as long as I can love going to work every day, im good. Life is good baby. Fa sho. So here we are today twelve years marketing and many other things. My new updated website is up, finally. Things will get better soon though, I feel like NEO @ the end of part one when he first came into the understanding of who he really was and his abilities, but in order to facilitate things like this it takes buying power something I don’t have at the moment. lol.. I made this work with instrumentals that I had previously recorded. I have loads of muzik as im supposed to because it’s who I am and what I do. I did my first video shoot in 2002 with an associate who believed in me quite a bit, but the footage was not the best because the music was too loud, however it was a good experience for me. I’ve been to the Jack the rapper convention twice and the Talent Rock convention once. I have been some other places, done some things etc… I can’t even have a relationship because I have to take care of my people, and “The need of the people is greater than the need of one”. Something that still has me in a loop is when my Pastor told me that his wife said that my work spiritually ministered to her. MMAAAANNN!!!!!! I sold out two weeks after I dropped and I have not got anymore since then because I needed to make some changes. This copy is of that batch, so bear with me. "I feel that my work is for the cultured ear, and the Progressive Mind, because you have to know what you are listening to before you can understand what’s going on".

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