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New York City, NY

Corey Hamilton also known as general stone was born in 1980 in Stony Brook Hospital on Long Island. His mother Nina McDanielís and father Frankie Hamilton raised him in many parts of long island along with his two brothers Derek and Christopher Hamilton. His childhood was a rough and uncertain one most of the time Stone and his brothers would be alone listening to old hip-hop records.

Thatís where it all began.

He was influenced mostly by his older brother Chris who would recite verses from groups like A Tribe Called Quest leaders of the new school and Black Moon. Later Stone would be reciting these verses to him self and then attempting to make up his own rhymes. By the age of 13 he was writing on his own and by 17 he was recording songs in a studio in Patchogue, New York backed by a close friend who goes by P.Bright who saw something in him. As he worked on his first project he started to make a name for him self around the neighborhood and out of town as a good mc and promising artist, easy to work with, and teachable, always striving for perfection.

In the past he has worked with local artists like Rahsun, Sugar Man, and, Jelousy, and also with producers such as Nato international, Ruben, and Midi, who are also from Long Island. His more recent project, Commanding General featuring Foul Mouf, Nimrod, and Liveson Gang, is an arsenal of fire riddled with heartfelt street anthems with production from the Red Head Kingpin, Mr.Morpheus, General Stone, and Liveson. Stone is one of the last true mcís around and he proves it with raw uncut life music. Long island is alive again.

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