TX Summer Music Conference Winter Edition 2009 - Dallas, TX
TX Summer Music Conf Winter Ed. 2009 - Dallas, TX
HomeBase models Tanisha & Holly w/Eddie Rabbit (UGK Records)

Staff & Management:

TC ("KeyIce") - Owner/Graphic Designer/Promo Director (San Antonio, TX)
Greg ("G-Dub") - Regional Manager (Houston, TX)
Michael ("Yogi Baby") - Regional Manager (Atlanta, GA)

The HomeBase Promotions Street Team/E-Team is now called the HOME TEAM. The reason for this was to emphasize the company's specialization in internet promotions and brand marketing. The HOME TEAM provides services such as internet research, blogging, event and artist/music reviews, social networking promotions and buzz marketing (i.e., MySpace, Twitter), mobile marketing, and high traffic event street team promotions, and other on demand promotional marketing services. HOME TEAM members that perform promotions exclusively by way of the internet are called HomeRunners.

ALL staff & management members are also members of the HOME TEAM. Learn More and Apply for the HOME TEAM

K. Dukes - Photographer (Dallas, TX)
Chris - Special Projects (San Antonio, TX)
FeBe - Special Projects (Austin, TX)
Adina - Special Projects (New Orleans, LA)

HOME TEAM Members:

The Home Team Roster is currently being updated.

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